Raising the roof up in Banks Township

Posted on September 15, 2011


I am drawn to Banks Township in a general way.  It is full of high ridges with sweeping views of the Bay, ribbon roads flowing past good farms, and people who are determined to work together.  On Saturday, September 24, the Banks Township Hall in Ellsworth will be absolutely irresistible.  Imagine traditional country music by the Peacemeal String Band, callers Dan Gorno and Jan Fowler, contra-dancing.  (Imagine me, contra-dancing in my red ballet flats!)  Imagine tasty treats made with love from locally-foraged foods: fish from Lake Michigan, pickled fiddlehead ferns, wild berry cookies, and nut breads.

Imagine Chris Bathgate.  I am reliably informed that his music is country-tinged gothic folk.  NPR’s Stephen Thompson called him a “skilled purveyor of lovely gloom.” I believe I will have to take my Civil War veterans along.  They’re gonna love it.  Here’s a picture of Chris, so you don’t have to imagine that part:

But wait, there’s more.  There will be a raffle of excellent treats.  The Grand Prize is a side of pork from Providence Farm (processed into two hams, two smoked hocks, six packages of bacon, and 27 packages of sausage, for a grand total of about 56 pounds).  Then there will be three gift basket prizes, each full of artisan crafts and food items.

And what, you are asking yourselves, is the occasion for such a celebration?  Well, first of all we like a good party around here.  And the Wagbo farmhouse needs a new roof.  This is by way of being a fundraiser for that.  You have visited the Martha Wagbo Farm and Education Center with me before, most recently to learn about ale-making (The yeast did not die in vain).  I keep meaning to do a post about the maple sugaring, and another about the barter circles and potlucks and another about the wild food foraging trips.  Good intentions, good intentions.  At least this one is getting done.  Here’s what you need to know to come to the party:

Raise the Roof for Wagbo
Saturday, September 24, 2011
7 pm
Banks Township Hall
6520 Center Street, Ellsworth

Ticket prices are sliding scale $10 to $20 per adult, kids 12 and under get in free.  Raffle tickets are $1 apiece.  Please come and have a fine time. I don’t see how you can go wrong.