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Hidden treasures, dandelion jam and parsnip bread

April 26, 2012


I cannot resist an invitation that promises I can learn about foodstuffs like wild leek, trout lily, spring beauty, cattail, wild parsnip, dandelion, and burdock - AND offers me a sample of dandelion jam on parsnip bread.

A bow to spring

February 17, 2012


Snow sculptures, adaptability, maple syrup and eagles. I don't see how you can go wrong.

Artism, wild game and Babs Young

January 5, 2012


We can pretty much guarantee that this will not be a boring January. Look at the stuff people are getting up to.

Raising the roof up in Banks Township

September 15, 2011


I am drawn to Banks Township in a general way. It is full of high ridges with sweeping views of the Bay, ribbon roads flowing past good farms, and people who are determined to work together. On Saturday, September 24, the Banks Township Hall in Ellsworth will be absolutely irresistible.

The yeast did not die in vain

January 16, 2011


What was I thinking?  The wind came out of Alberta, picking up a bad attitude as it crossed the plains and barreled across Lake Michigan.  Snow fell.  Snow flew.  Snow blew sideways across the ribbon roads.  I was on Kidder Road headed over to the ale brewing workshop at Wagbo (properly the Martha Wagbo Farm […]