About those rumors . . .

Posted on June 27, 2011


Miss Sadie waits patiently

Charter highspeed internet service

On June 16 I posted So about this broadband thing, citing Bill Morand, Senior Communications Manager for Charter Communications.  Bill said that Charter hoped to complete its upgrade project in Torch Lake Township by the end of October, and he helped me map the locations covered by the upgrade.  Last Friday (June 24) a Usually Reliable Source claimed that the project was done, and that a person could “call Charter and order the service today.”  You may be sure I checked it out immediately.  The URS was misinformed.

The map in the June 16 post is correct, and the October target date is correct.  The areas to be upgraded cannot get Charter internet today.  However, assuming all goes according to plan, all of them–all of us–will be able to get it by the end of October.  Bill Morand emphasizes that the entire upgrade will be available at one time, not piecemeal.

There are two little parts of Torch Lake Township where Charter internet has been available for some time, which probably accounts for some of the confusion.  One of these parts is about a one-block area in the unincorporated village of Eastport and the other is at the south end of the Township, just north of the border with Milton Township.  The upgrade project will fill in the seven miles in between those parts, and some other bits as well.  It is coming, but it is not here yet.

Duo on the alert

Scary wildlife alerts

Yes, Daugherty Johnson saw a bear.  It was a big bear, and it was loping across the cornfield on Farrell Road north of M-88.  Daugherty says he wishes I’d been there with the camera.  I wish so too.  I keep driving around up there at dawn and twilight looking for the bear when I should be taking the Duo for long walks.

Yes, the beaches are littered with Junebugs, but there is reason to believe that we’re almost done with them and I’m not going to post their mugshots this close to the height of tourist season.  The potato beetles, though, may be here and making mischief for quite awhile.  I will fight them for the potatoes.  I am fond of potatoes.

Yes, local strawberries are in

Personally, I think the bear was probably looking for strawberries just like these.  The farmstands are full of them, and they are utterly ripe and delicious.  I’m going to buy a whole flat of Certified Organic Strawberries from Providence Farm and spend a day washing and hulling and slicing and freezing and praying we don’t have a power failure.  I need to learn to make jam.  A person can make jam over a woodfire and keep it in a cupboard.