Loading up the ark with digressions

Posted on June 22, 2011


We’ve had a fair amount of rain lately.  Nothing like the flooding and storming and chaos that other areas have had, but still enough to make us wonder if Daugherty Johnson might know how to build an ark.  The mind turns to what might go onto an ark.  Certainly all of us should go, that’s where we begin, right?  Of course.   While Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I were out and about between rainstorms, I gave some thought to the rest of the cargo.  Not much thought, as there was a lot to distract me.  What kind of cottage sign would have been nice on Mt. Ararat, dinosaurs on the overhead wires, whether Noah gave any thought to decorative plants or pretty much stuck to food-and-fiber, how many horses we should take along, whether mosquitos were strictly necessary and why slugs behave as they do.  The usual sort of thing.

When we got back it began to rain hard again and I thought I’d better get some supper cooked before the power went out, and then I wondered whether the chair I’d put out on the deck would be ruined by the rain, and what with one thing and another . . . well.  This is the way my mind works sometimes.  A Day in the Life, with the odd digression here and there, ending with Astonishing Developments.

Miss Sadie and the Cowboy felt, with some justice, that walks have been too short lately and on top of it tend to be cluttered up with altogether too much picture-taking and pleasantry-exchanging. Taking matters into their own paws, they staged a sitdown strike and refused to move out of the sunny patch on the road until we negotiated another lap around the circle and treats all around.