Nice night-light, Babs!

Posted on June 19, 2011


Babs Young was in Traverse City on Friday, with perfect weather, for the Grand Traverse Balloon Classic.  She writes, About 7:30 the balloons took off and floated south, then they returned to the Open Space, inflated again and lit up the area but did not ascend. I believe they did this again on Saturday, but without me. This image is from the “glow” after sunset. You can see more of my images from the event on Flickr at
The Open Space–a big, welcoming public park right on Grand Traverse Bay– is one of the nicest things about Traverse City.  It’s the natural place for grand gestures and  community gatherings, the sort of place where you’d ask someone to marry you, or make sand castles, or marvel at flying balloons all aglow.  Happy Fathers Day.