Sunday afternoon TLV

Posted on May 22, 2011


At first I thought it was just me, but no, it was foggy outside my head. Everyone else could see it too. That was a relief. The weather on Friday was pleasantly springlike, but we drifted from mist to fog to trance. The woods behind the Writing Studio and Bait Shop were dewy when we set off for our walk.

Long skeins of fog rolled across Torch Lake at mid-morning.

Mist lingered over Grand Traverse Bay into the afternoon. Can you see the gulls? Well, I couldn’t either, but Miss Sadie and the Cowboy could, and they had a wonderful time chasing them along the stony point.

Clouds drifted down the bluff too. It was all very refreshing–sort of like a spa with a high coolness factor.

A person can go into a regular trance on a day like that, right up until Whoa!!  Beyond this point there might be almost anything.

Well. Sun’s out. Let’s go see.