Stuff you will want to know if you’re from Around Here

Posted on May 21, 2011


Auto Repair returns to Eastport Service

It has been many years since Bud Klooster and his son Mike of blessed memory ran their auto and farm implement repair business at US-31 just south of M-88. We have missed them, and their bad jokes. It has been sad to see the business closed and forlorn. But earlier this year Troy and Renee LaCount bought the property, and this week—Ta-Dah!!—the hoists are back in operation. Drop by and meet Bob Geer, the mechanic who opened up just this week.

Bob used to be with Fox Motors up in Charlevoix, and has a lot of experience. He looks forward to helping you keep your vehicle going in good times and bad, through Mud Season and deepest winter.  Drop by to welcome him, or give him a call.

Not to mention Legends Glass

While Bob runs his auto repair business at the south end of the property, Troy and Renee LaCount will be running their Legends Auto Glass business, as well as residential glass work and screen repairs, at the north end. I can see it now. Drop the car off for an oil change, pull the busted screen door out of the trunk and deliver it to Troy and Renee, walk the Duo home, work diligently. Return at the end of the day and go home with a car that hums and a mosquito-proof door. How good is that? Very good.

Weird green things that go BOO! in the night

They’re popping up all over Antrim County, kind of like radioactive mushrooms. Do not be alarmed! They are here to help you. Torch Lake Township’s ambulance crews and firefighters cannot find you if your driveway is not marked clearly. And clearly means visible at night. Not, for example, something like this:

And it means with all the numbers there. Not like this:

These are not tax collectors, people. These are neighbors who are speeding to your rescue, all sirens blaring! Please do not make them drive hopelessly up and down muddy two-tracks looking for you. Put a nice bright reflective address marker at the end of your driveway. It is ugly, but it is more functional than YakTrax and a good pair of pliers, and you can get one free. Free! That is a favorable price!

Here is how you do it–and this is ONLY if you live in Torch Lake Township–get in touch with me via Torch Lake Views. Tell me your name, your address, and whether you want the marker on a stake or without the stake. I will “bundle” these requests and pass them on. In due course the whole shebang will be delivered to the Township Hall by Treasurer Sharon Schultz, who has a day job over at the county and will cart the package over here for us. How great is that? It is very great. 

I was going to show you what these dandy markers look like at night, but I ended up with bad photos.  OK, even worse than usual.  You’ve seen them, though–bright green with nice big white numbers, very reflective.  They work.

Fountain Pop coming to Eastport Market

I know this is not a top priority to many of you, but you cannot imagine the number of shoppers who were stunned to discover that the market sold pop (soda if you come from Away from a point east of here) only in bottles and cans. “No fountain pop?” people would say in stunned disbelief. “Really?” Really. But now it’s coming. If Fountain Pop be here, can Pay At The Pump be far behind? (Well, yes, but one thing at a time people, one thing at a time.)