News from the Beach

Posted on May 13, 2011


The main thing you probably want to know, given how Mama Nature has been behaving lately, is that yes, the beach is still there, all along the shore of Grand Traverse Bay. There are a lot of stones here and there, but we’ve all decided those add artistic interest, right? And the water is warming up a bit. I had to wade in to rinse the Cowboy off after he got into something and my feet didn’t even go numb.

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The zebra mussels and quagga mussels are still there, too. Don’t rely on me to tell you the difference, but I gather that most of what we are seeing now are quaggas. Both of ’em eat fishfood. However, apparently over in Lake Huron the skinny whitefish have decided to try chowing down on the quaggas, and it’s working for them. See, this is my theory in action. The only way to deal with invasive species is to eat them. Bring on the Asian Carp recipes.

The Grand Rapids Press has decided to study the whole invasive species thing on the Great Lakes, and I believe you would find this story absorbing: What do Lake Michigan salmon, quagga mussels and rabbits in Great Britain have in common?