Raining frogs and flowers

Posted on May 12, 2011


You cannot predict what the Environmental Art Class will get up to. Yesterday the plan was to try a couple of experiments at Memorial Park: a design project around the big willow and a color drop from the bridge. A little digression into frog study and then back to the studio, where gathering around the big table has a synergy of its own.

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All of this happened in a little over two hours, and went in twenty directions at once. That astonishes me. Watching this bunch is like watching synapses crackle. What We Learned: It’s harder than it looks to get something to float down the river in an artistic manner, as it is likely to get caught in an eddy and stay there in a very boring manner.  It’s harder than it looks to create a design in the ridges of a willow’s bark.  The willow makes its own design.  Frogs are interesting.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and speculate that Andy Goldsworthy himself has had these very same experiences.

The artists are thinking about the whole thing during the week, too. The final project will, pending approval, be installed on the library hill. You can see some of the sketches here, or you can just wait to be surprised. Or maybe both.

I asked what happened to the guys and everyone just shrugged and said “It wasn’t what they expected.” (Note to the guys: Nothing is ever what I expect. Either you know something I don’t know, or I know something you don’t know. We should compare notes sometime.)