Click and Cackle

Posted on March 26, 2011


Since I have been pretty much homebound, whatever news is burning through the Township like wildfire has passed me by completely.  It’s very restful.  If I cannot inform, perhaps I can amuse.  You can save this post for a day that requires brightening.  I’d like to think that won’t come for a long, long time, but the way things go, you’d best keep it handy.  First of all, here is a mystery for you.

There’s not much to be said about that, but if you have any ideas at all about how it found its way into my camera I’d be delighted to hear of them.  Surely I would remember if I accidentally took a picture of my own eyelash.  On to the excellent referrals:

  • I want one really big version of this excellent graphic for the deer blind, and another one for the fish shanty.
  • You know this is a G-rated blog, but I have to give you this dramatic link.  Parental Guidance Suggested.

You’ll be relieved to hear that I am definitely getting out of here tomorrow, car or no car.  Louan says she’ll come all the way up here to fetch me if necessary.  I think she’s worried that I’m going stir-crazy.  We are going to go listen to Bill Staines at Sleder’s.  I’ll come back with at least a dozen stories, and some of them are bound to be true.