Here comes the sun!

Posted on March 25, 2011


Here also comes a $500 propane bill, but I am not complaining, no indeed.  What that means is that the Ellsworth Farmers Exchange truck pulled up in my nice plowed driveway this afternoon before I ran out of fuel.  It is plenty cold out there, and an empty tank would be a sorrowful thing.

OK, snowbirds?  Yes, it is cold, and yes, we have a lot of snow . . . but it is beautiful.  While the slideshow is loading I’ll tell you the other good stuff.

  • Troy La Count is working hard getting his Legends Auto Glass office ready to open at the former Klooster’s Eastport Service.  We managed to find some vintage photos for him, including one of the inimitable Bud Klooster working on my car, and I suspect we’ll find more before we’re done.  Look forward to a post about the opening soon.
  • Big doings at the Eastport Market.  More about that soon too.
  • I am reliably informed that business is going well up at wholesaler Resortwear North in Atwood.  In other words, they’ve been hiring.  Talk about sunshine!  I think your slideshow is loaded now, Puffy Pink Sun(set)flower, Sprucecicles and all.   

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