Wait, wait – I’ve seen this movie

Posted on March 24, 2011


All day yesterday everyone Around Here posted Facebook images for the amusement of everyone from Away.  The only things that are different today are that it has stopped and the sun is shining out there.  The county plow has been through.  The Duo think it comes just to make a racetrack for them.  Yes, it really does look blue in the dawn shadows.

The last time Dale Reedy was here to plow my drive he was morose.  This is the last one for the season, he mourned.   Ha.  All I can say is that if somebody finds out he took the blade off his truck last week he’s in trouble.  Whenever he does that before May we get another big pile of snow.

I’ll bet he’s been plowing for the last 48 hours straight.  Hasn’t gotten here yet–he knows I suspect him of Premature Plow Removal–but it doesn’t matter.  My car is still in the hospital.  We have a diagnosis: a bad Body Control Module.  I can relate.  Anyway, no car to get out of here.  Very restful.

Fortunately, I do not have an auto delivery route for the Record-Eagle.  Dean Peters has the route, and a sturdy vehicle.  He got my paper here yesterday and he got it here today–before the plow came.  I am deeply impressed, and I thought you ought to know.  Here is your slideshow.  I’m going to go read the paper.  I’ve seen this movie.

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