Devilment on Sunday morning

Posted on February 27, 2011


It was a long night, what with one thing and another, mostly the other, and then it was gray dawn and it seemed that coffee would be just the thing.  Coffee.  I was out of it.  Miss Sadie and the Cowboy watched me from the corners of their eyes.  Thank goodness for the Eastport Market.

Brush the snow off the car, pile the Disreputable Duo in the back, start ‘er up and we’re off.  Slippery out there, the new snow just a sneaky blanket hiding the treachery of the icy old snow, but we are intrepid. 

Into the market, pick up the blessed coffee, add a sinfully delicious loaf of cherry walnut bread, a bunch of bananas.  Exchange pleasantries with Sandy and Russ and young Russell, who is running the register up front.  And there, in plain view, is one of those Eastport Market Moments. 

Pretty much everywhere you go you will see the first harbingers of Easter baskets to come. Chocolate bunnies. Yellow marshmallow Peeps. Spun-sugar eggs with tiny worlds inside. But at the Eastport Market, on this Sunday morning . . .

Candy deviled eggs in a basket.  I could not make these things up.

I was so delighted that I bought a piece of jerky for each of the dogs and headed home whistling.  Let it snow, let it growl, I love living here.