Signs of the wild denizens

Posted on February 8, 2011


Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I are working on our tracking skills. They are proving to be somewhat better at it than I am, but I am surprisingly good at uncovering the best treats, so we go along amiably together. We try to be observant. The woods are full of hazards.

Sometimes we find a whole Interden Highway System, paid for with assessments on all the squirrels and rabbits and mice who use it. I suspect the tolls are exacted mainly by the fox and the owl.

Not all the tracks are made by four-footed animals. Here, for example, we have the trail of the Weekend Snowshoer, a species that seems to be doing very well this winter.

Over at Barnes Park we often see the swooping turns so characteristic of the Avid XC Skier. Andi Laidlaw was kind enough to send along an example.

You cannot see the tiny trails that meander over the hollow stump, but they are there.

To each species its cozy winter den.  We trailed ourselves back to the Writing Studio and Bait Shop, where the Duo had a nice nap and I spent some time taking more pictures of the ever-changing icicle. 

There is no good excuse for including it in this post, particularly as I am trying to do a better job of editing. However, I have grown fond of the icicle. You have not seen the last of it.