The vegetable in winter

Posted on January 25, 2011


Wily Antrim County farmers have extended the growing season with hoop houses and careful planning.  Still, a person committed to eating local foods at this time of year will have to eat a lot of apples, winter squash, honey . . . hmm.  Doesn’t sound so bad, does it!   And then there are the apricots we canned last summer.  The cherry juice.  Sonny’s sausages.  All the food put by against this fallow season.

But I long for something fresh and green to eat.  The Brussels sprout comes into its own.  Euw!  I hear you say.  Oh just try one.  Here’s some nice rice to go with it, and a bit of braised beef. 

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Last night that was my homework (Scott Thomas’s food photography assignment) and my supper.  I thought of my friend Carol Park.  She appreciates a good Brussels sprout too.

Now it’s nearly 4:00 am.  The Cowboy woke me up because he was feeling insecure.  I got up because I’m obsessing about whether the well line will freeze.  (So far so good.)  I’m up anyway, I might as well cobble together the post.  I had a cookie too.  Just one.

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