Babs is back and not a moment too soon

Posted on January 24, 2011


Admit it, you were worried, weren’t you!  You’ve been in Babs Withdrawal.  Well she’s back.  Key West is all very well and good, but how can a person resist coming back to Torch Lake Township in January? 

Babs writes:  It has snowed a lot in the past few days, but was sunny and beautiful today despite being just above 0º most of the day. I took this on Saturday. This is a little house in Eastport that I really like, and I loved the decorative banner on the side of the house. It did not appear that anyone had come or gone from the place on that particular day.

They’re huddled inside under a pile of comforters wearing three pairs of socks and eating cookies!!  Oh, wait, that’s me. 

Just for the record, Bruce Laidlaw weighed in on Sunday evening, too:  The Weatherman says we had a high today of 9.9 and a low of minus 8.9. Yesterday, we went out to ski when the thermometer said 20. I dressed for 20 and couldn’t understand why I was turning numb. When we got back to the cottage it was 8. I then had to soak my hands in warm water to get the feeling back.

It is cold out there.  Very, very cold.