A real outdoor girl, our Margie

Posted on January 18, 2011


When she’s not at work in her Possum Hollow studio out on the Flat Road, painter Margie Guyot likes to get outdoors–and paint some more.  Even in the winter.

This is what she sees from the shores of Grand Traverse Bay.  

. . .  from the beach at Barnes Park . . .

. . .  and from the bluff at Banks Township Park. 

And this is what she saw when the ice broke up last winter, creaking and booming and tearing itself into great jagged crusts: 

That one, in case you can’t tell, is my favorite.

When she’s not painting or gardening or foraging for mushrooms she likes to play the saxophone.  You can read all about that on the Charlevoix Sax Quartet website, where you can also read about a benefit for Terri Moore up in Cross Village on Sunday.  In my experience, northern Michigan artists of all kinds are extraordinarily generous with their time and energy.  That’s the sort of thing that helps a person get through the winter, yes indeed.