My bonus autumn

Posted on November 30, 2010


Besides being an excellent source of sisters, grits, and bizarre botanicals, it turns out that North Carolina is a great place to spend November.  I flew out of Cherry Capital Airport just as the Dreadful Dismals arrived in northern Michigan, and landed at Charlotte-Mecklenburg in time for a bonus autumn.  I had no idea that camellias bloomed in November, or that there were so many kinds of maples in the Piedmont.  Satisfactory.

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I can hear all the car guys in Michigan yelping now.  You went to Charlotte and you looked at camellias???  Where are your priorities?  Alas, I got nowhere near the sacred NASCAR track.  I spent a lot of time in Lake Norman, though, and it is my understanding that many NASCAR icons reside there.  Perhaps I saw some.  I would not know.  (If you have no idea what we’re talking about here, I recommend you read Sharyn McCrumb’s St. Dale.  Sharyn will explain it all for you and put a bow on it.  Even if you do know what we’re talking about I recommend the book.  Also the camellias.)