Random wonders

Posted on November 23, 2010


When the Country Mouse (who used to be a City Mouse) goes to visit the City Mice there are always astonishing and/or wonderful sights, particularly when the trip involves quantities of driving and not-driving-while-sitting-on-I-75.  You’d think I’d have lots of photos for you, but you’d be wrong.  And the ones I do have are odd.  It was that sort of weekend.

We went out to breakfast whenever we wanted to.

We compared notes on Dog Management.  Here is my granddog Baxter the Innocent.  The chair in the background is a beautifully–and recently–restored classic. 

Here is a closeup of the chair, demonstrating conclusively that Baxter is not innocent.

Here, let’s look at something soothing.   It was unseasonably warm in Detroit, and some autumn color lingered in Lafayette Park.

The ride home was unusually long and filled with mystery.  These gizmos were right up by the register at the truck stop south of Grayling, which implies that they are clever impulse items that a person sees and says “Oh, I need one of those.” 

However, all that anyone said was “What the heck are these?”  The clerk didn’t know either.  We agreed that I’d ask you if you knew.  It was 2 a.m. and we were all a degree or two off kilter. 

An hour later I was on the homestretch, my highbeams illuminating dark and winding Elk Lake Road, with its fringe of ancient maples.  It was empty for miles in both directions, except for this apparition.  I stopped in the middle of the road to take the photo for you through the windshield. 

I gather that the Antrim County Road Commission has decided that in order to alert a person to the hazardous curve it is useful to give the person a heart attack.  Worked for me.