Storing up nuts against the Dreadful Dismals

Posted on November 14, 2010


We are heading into the part of the year that is not especially picturesque in Torch Lake Township. Generally speaking, late November and early December are really good times to look indoors for visual delight.  Or rummage around in the memory banks for something pretty.  Here, stored up like acorns, are some of my favorite images from the lovely autumn we had.   

The Muppet in the chestnut orchard.

The rosy mushrooms.

The full moon rising over a cornfield.

The end-of-harvest Providence Farm potluck.

The Big Blow: Katherine’s capture of a stormy Torch Lake.

The Big Show: Leaves ablaze at Bay View Centennial Farm.

The pot roast.

The Bay in autumn.

October light.  Babs Young at her eloquent best.

All together, they’re a Torch Lake answer to Scott Thomas, who asked what autumn was like in this neck of the woods.  It was good, Scott.