Two doorwalls tucked in

Posted on November 13, 2010


My shoulder hurts, my wrist hurts, and I need a bath, but two of the doorwalls to the deck are all tucked in for the winter. I promised to show you how to make Giant Draft Protectors from comforters.  I didn’t take enough pictures, but the ones I did take are embarrassing enough, so it’s probably just as well.

This is the front door – an insulated steel frame with one stationary panel and one that opens inward. Leaks like a sieve. It’s nice and clean right now, but it’s usually covered with noseprints at Cowboy level.

I found some thermal panels on sale, and thought they couldn’t hurt. Besides, they’d probably look a little nicer from the outside. It was easy to hang them from those slick magnetic rods. I still need to hem them, of course. I need to hem everything.

I mounted a drapery rod a few inches above the doorframe, and added clip-on rings. (That makes it sound easy, doesn’t it? Ha. I do fine with the drill, but I am not handy with a screwdriver. Thus the sore shoulder and aching wrist.) Attaching the comforter to the clips was easy. Accidentally pulling it loose from the clips will probably be easy, too, but I reasoned that this arrangement is going to get a lot of tugging back and forth, and with luck the clips should let go before the fabric tears. We’ll see.

Below is the sliding door in the “dining area.”  It, too, is nice and clean for a change.  It would have been nice to sweep all the leaves off the deck before taking the picture.  Ah well.  Anyway, this door doesn’t get much use in the winter.  I like to look out occasionally, so I wanted to be able to pull the comforter aside.  I installed another drapery rod here, but this time I used curtain rings I already had and some pin-on hooks. 

As there wasn’t room to put the rod above the doorframe, I attached it at the sides, even with the top of the frame, and pinned the hooks a few inches from the edge of the comforter. Once they were hung on the curtain rings, it was easy to tuck the extra fabric over the top of the rod.

I know it looks different, but this comforter is exactly the same as the other one.  It may be tacky, but it’s matching tacky.  I have some standards.  Miss Puss thinks it looks OK, so that’s all right then. 

All of that was a good start, but I still have to do the shrink-wrapping and blow-drying. Not tonight.