Katherine’s jellies

Posted on September 2, 2010


Katherine and Steve have been visiting the exotic Kingdom of the West, and have sent us a postcard from Monterey. Katherine writes: Wonder what it says that I went to CA and the first photos I send are of jellyfish from a tank at the Monterey Aquarium? We both found the whole aquarium fascinating but could have watched these all day.

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Honestly I’ve never seen anything so perfectly suited to a slideshow.  They’re beautiful.  Thank you, Katherine. 

My sister spent quite a bit of time at that aquarium while she was on a post-doc at Stanford (I know, I know, I’m the underachiever of the family). She was cudgeling her brains in the study of colonial tunicate over at the Hopkins Marine Station, and found the larger creatures on display at the aquarium quite restful. I am astonished that I can remember the name of the colonial tunicate, but her obsession with them was not unlike my obsession with Civil War veterans, and I heard a good deal about them over time.