Excellent last minute plans

Posted on August 11, 2010


I know it’s the last minute and all, but I have some suggestions for you.

Eat Well for a Good Cause: Tonight, Wednesday, the Central Lake Area Historical Society will hold its monthly fund raising dinner at the Masonic Hall in Central Lake. Gary and Lois Dawson are cooking–you cannot do better than that–and Mar DeTar is bringing her Famous Peaches and Honey over Ice Cream. You definitely can’t do better than that. Pam Luce is going to sing and play the dulcimer, and she is bringing friends. Her friends are some seriously good musicians. This is a way better evening than TV or even Netflix. Way better. You can not do better. More details on the Calendar Tab up at the top of the page; your donation will help maintain the very nice Knowles House museum.

Catch a Falling Star: On the night of August 12, and on into the wee hours of August 13, you can trot down to the beach or out into a nice clear field running along a high Antrim County ridge. Lie back in your favorite beach chair or spread a blanket and watch the show. It’s supposed to be a really good year for the Perseid Meteor Shower. It is very nice indeed to watch the display. When you’ve oohed and ahhhed enough, fold up chair and blanket and tuck them in the car. You’ll need them on Friday night.

Take the curse off Friday the 13th with Blue Sky Red: Lindy Bishop at Seed Gallery is sponsoring a free street concert in Elk Rapids. Here’s the poster:

I have not heard this duo, but they look engaging, they play acoustic music, and it’s a free summer concert. What’s not to like? You already have your chair and/or blankie packed in the car. Head on down to Elk Rapids on Friday. Get into town early and you can have some pizza from Chef Charles or a nice wrap from the Wine Shoppe, or any number of other excellent treats. Elk Rapids is small but choice.