Dogs and cars

Posted on August 7, 2010


You can’t predict what will get an artist going. Most of the year you can count on lots of people driving around this part of the world with their dogs in the truck. It isn’t just me. The dogs are riding along with their ears flapping in the breeze, or waiting in the car with the engine running, wishing they could figure out how to put it in gear, or just sitting there watching the passing parade, grinning doggy grins.

Lindy Bishop, proprietor of the Seed gallery down in Elk Rapids, made note of the high proportion of mobile dogs, and was inspired to create an ad hoc exhibit called Go Dog, Go: Photos from the Lot.  Then she put it up at the Village Market, where everyone would be sure to see it, on account of that’s where a person can obtain both excellent treats and kibble.

Louan and I happened upon the exhibit during our Vacation Day and admired it.  It took up most of the window space on the parking lot side of the store.  I took a quick snapshot as a memo to self: Make a blog post about this. Then Tommy’s Mom sent this photo. Aha. A Trend.

Always quick to spot opportunities for recruiting fence painters, I trotted over to see Lindy and ask if she’d let me use some examples of her series here on TLV. Voila.

Then I was stumped. I could not find a photo of the Disreputable Duo in the car. OK, a photo that I hadn’t already used. Finally I retrieved this one from the 2007 archives. Miss Sadie is driving and the Cowboy is pretending he doesn’t mind.

I will leave you with a Public Service Message. Trooper Mikowski and Jett wish to remind everyone that it is August after all, and it is not safe to leave dogs and kids in cars unsupervised. It’s too darned hot. But rides—rides are good!