U-pick delights in Antrim County

Posted on July 2, 2010


It was an odd winter, an even odder spring, and who knows what summer will bring? Still, this is a great weekend to load the kids in the car and head out to pick the fine fruit of Antrim County. I was over at King Orchards on M-88 on Wednesday taking pictures. The new little camera managed to capture some absolutely beautiful children. Perhaps we are beginning to bond. You can bring your beautiful children on a memorable adventure at King’s, or find the same experience at Ken Kamp’s Good Nature Farm, at Bargy’s Farm Market, at the Dawsons’ Cherry View Orchards or at the King farm stand on US-31.

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There are dark sweet cherries and Queen Anne cherries, the raspberries are ripe, and the apricots are gorgeous. There might be blueberries, too. I’m off to do some harvesting of my own. I’ll show you more pictures tomorrow . . .