Tasting the local difference

Posted on June 30, 2010


Yesterday the Edwards kids (Katy, RT and Mary Ellen)  invited me to go to the Michigan Land Use Institute fundraiser, Taste the Local Difference.  The ride down was very entertaining, and you can look forward to a post or two about some cats named Pumpkin, Tofu and Miso.  Very appropriate, considering that we were headed to a foodie’s paradise at the Grand Traverse Resort.  There were quantities of excellent treats, but of everything there, I decided I had to show you . . . saskatoons!

The Traverse City Record-Eagle has been giving a lot of coverage to the hardy berry (Saska-Who?  There’s a new berry in town) and offered samples, cunningly mingled with cherries, the staple food of the Grand Traverse Bay Region.  Who could resist?  Saskatoons look like blueberries, but they don’t taste like them.  More like applesauce.  I liked them, and would be glad to see them in the woods, but I wouldn’t choose them over a nice handful of blueberries.  Still, an alternative crop that likes our weather is always welcome, and the local restaurants are finding creative ways to use them. 

Carolyn Morrissey from the Record-Eagle advertising department was there explaining it all for you. She gave me an apron–oh the irony!–and I came home with some recipes. Maybe I’ll be adventurous and add saskatoons to some scalloped pineapple. I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’ll even get someone to take a picture of me in an apron.

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