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Tasting the local difference

June 30, 2010


Yesterday the Edwards kids (Katy, RT and Mary Ellen)  invited me to go to the Michigan Land Use Institute fundraiser, Taste the Local Difference.  The ride down was very entertaining, and you can look forward to a post or two about some cats named Pumpkin, Tofu and Miso.  Very appropriate, considering that we were headed […]

Stopping by orchard on rainy morning

May 7, 2010


Since it seems determined to s#%@ tonight, I headed over to Farrell Road to inspect Bob Haack’s nut orchard. I’d had an email from Bob saying that the chestnuts were leafing out, and that one of his heartnuts was flowering for the first time.  I wanted to capture it before Mama Nature pitched her hissy-fit. It would be a […]