39 days, 1688 miles, 7 states and 0 flat tires

Posted on June 8, 2010


Cub Reporter Babs Young has checked in from Blue Heaven, where Joanne Robben and Tom Sellmer will enjoy a well-deserved rest in their own beds tonight.  Their epic bicycle trip from Peachtree Center, Georgia, to Torch Lake Township ended with a flourish at 3:45 this afternoon. 

The last part of their trip must have been one of the easiest stretches.  Look at that nice wide shoulder MDOT put in a couple years ago. 

They made a quick stop at Sonny’s to say hello to Chris.

Finally they arrived at Blue Heaven.  Babs writes, That’s the family.  Daughter Lindsey came up from Knoxville. Tyler just finished his sophomore year at Grand Valley, and of course the dogs [were there to meet them]. The signs say YEA!, You’re Here, 39 Days, 1688 Miles, 7 States and 0 Flat Tires.  So that answers my question about whether they’d need all those tools and spare parts.  I’m astonished at the no-flat-tires part, although the 1688 miles part is fairly impressive, too.

There was news coverage on TV 7 and 4.  You can read the transcript here or, if your internet service runs to broadband, watch the video clip.  Um, the bit below is not the video, but a couple of screen captures of the TV clip just to give you an idea.  Just in case you were wondering why clicking on them did you no good whatsoever.

Awwwww . . . Welcome home.