Sailors can tie you in knots

Posted on June 7, 2010


Wherever she goes, Babs has an eye for colors and shapes. She writes:  Those sailors in Elk Rapids sure do know how to make pretty knots with their lines. I think this one belongs to the Trimbles. Fred is a pretty good sailor. A ride in his sail boat is a real treat.

I am completely mystified by knots.  I wear slip-on shoes so I don’t have to deal with laces.  Not only do I not know how to tie knots, but I do not understand their use in measuring distance.  I am deeply impressed by the fancy things sailors do with them.

Terry Wooten tells a hilarious story about the time he was practicing Boy Scout knots.  I am not going to spoil it for you in the least.  You should come to Stone Circle and ask him about it.

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