Deep-fried delights at Bubba’s Bar BQ

Posted on June 6, 2010


There were many things to see and do at the Petoskey Stone Festival, and you can see a complete slideshow at this link, but I confess I was particularly taken with Bubba’s Bar BQ.  I decided it really needed its own post.

Bubba, who hails from Wolverine, has perfected the Art of Michigan Festival Fare.   His menu is straightforward and comprehensive: BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, housemade french fries and potato chips, deep fried mushrooms, deep fried pickles, deep fried Oreo cookies, funnel cakes, and cold pop.  What more could a person want?

Mrs. Bubba and two Bubba Grandchildren are heavily involved in the operation.  It is a marvel of almost military precision.  Trot up to the window and order your lunch.  Granddaughter is extremely good at taking the order, toting up the bottom line, and making change.  Mrs. Bubba is busy making sandwiches.  The rest of the order is transmitted to Bubba and Grandson, who work the fryers.  As you might imagine, they are very busy.

Bubba says that it is important to get the seasoning just right on the fries.

It is important, too, to put the seasoned salt and pepper on the fries and the powdered sugar on the funnel cakes.

I admired the appliances Bubba has collected or crafted for the operation. There is the french fry cutter.

There is the potato chip slicer.

It began as a hand-cranked implement picked up at a farm auction somewhere, but hand-cranking gets old when you are frying up this many potato chips in a day. Bubba replaced the handle with an electric drill, and that makes all the difference.

The results look like something that perhaps you ought not to eat, but one taste and you’re back up at the window ordering a second helping.

The homemade fries and potato chips and funnel cakes were all very well and good, but I have been curious about the deep-fried pickles for a whole year now.  I decided to try a sample.

Try a deep-fried dill pickle

It was surprisingly good.  The batter was light, almost like tempura, and the pickle was still crunchy and very, very pickly–an excellent complement to my BBQ sandwich.  I found that one piece was quite enough, but a full order is 8 pieces.  Next year I will plan to attend the Festival with seven friends.

I did not even think of trying the deep fried Oreo cookies, as I am on a health kick.