Ladyslipper time

Posted on June 3, 2010


Katherine writes: These are a few of my Aunt’s about 75 Lady Slippers.  Her son and daughter were working over the weekend to erect a deer proof fence around them so they would keep growing and spreading. I think they are beautiful.

I think they’re beautiful, too, Katherine, and you’ve captured them perfectly.  According to your Aunt, Showy Ladyslippers used to grow along the roadsides at the north end of Torch Lake in such profusion that people picked armloads of them.  Now there are nowhere near so many, and she tends her precious patch with care.  They grow in the Jordan Valley, too, and over at Grass River, but it’s a rare privilege to see them. 

I was out and about on Tuesday, trying to get used to the replacement camera.  Let’s just say we haven’t bonded yet.  But I had good subjects. 

The much more common Yellow Ladyslippers bloomed on the Flat Road near Old Antrim City. Columbine nodded nearby. We’re having a beautiful wildflower season.