A Day in the Life

Posted on May 24, 2010


Babs Young writes: I took this image last night to be included in the Parkside Arts Council’s project, A Day in the Life: Images of Antrim County. All photos for this were to be taken on May 22. I think you can see what has be taken and uploaded at the project’s Flickr site. People have until May 30 to upload their work, so check back later to see all that was done.

It’s a good thing I did not know about this. If I had, the death of the little camera on May 22 would have been even more devastating. Fortunately, Torch Lake Township was ably represented by our Babs. If you happened to be out and about taking pictures on Saturday, you might consider joining the Flickr interest group and uploading your take on A Day in the Life of Antrim County.

I always enjoy turning to the Week in Review section of the Record-Eagle and discovering that nothing of note has taken place in Antrim County during the previous seven days. While I am sorry that we do not have weekly Cultural Events of Importance, I feel that is neatly balanced by our similar lack of mayhem and confusion. We just move along under the radar of 21st century life, growing the food, watching the lakes, doing a little fishing, watching the sun set over the Bay . . . not a bad way to live. Not the whole truth, either, but I’m in a mellow mood on this particular Sunday evening. Oh my. I just noticed that it’s Monday morning. Well, I suppose it’s always Monday morning somewhere.