Cats of Eastport

Posted on May 23, 2010


Miss Puss says that I devote far too much space to dogs in these posts, not to mention in the house.  She is lobbying for the inclusion of more of interest to cats.  When Maryanne Jorgensen commented that she would like to see a photo of Sammy, who lives at Katherine’s house, Miss Puss turned her green eyes on me and glittered, I told you so.  I know when to beat a strategic retreat.

Katherine was kind enough to bail me out. She writes: Here’s Sammy getting ready to walk over the keyboard to the other side of the desk and back, which she does ‘because it’s there’ and because I am there too, I guess. It’s not a good portrait of her but it’s what she does numerous times as I sit at the keyboard . The letter I was reading is the one from you asking to send along a photo of Sammy for Maryanne.

Now there, purred Puss, is a photo of interest.  I expect that this whole interchange will cause Babs to rummage through her collection of portraits of Selene.  We might even get another post from the Weatherman featuring the Tiger and Brambles.  And the first photo with the replacement camera will be of Miss Puss.