Shooting blind and the reliability of surprise

Posted on May 24, 2010


Regular readers will recall that I have been mourning the death of my little camera. It turns out that it is only the display that is dead. I discovered this when I was sorting through the last batch of images and found the one I was taking when the Phfft! happened. Well, if that one made it . . . so I experimented, and sure enough, the heart of the camera lives.

I can frame a shot through the tiny little viewfinder and click and capture. Sometimes it works. Sort of. But no more experiments with settings. I have no clue where it’s set. And no more macro shots. I have to have the display for those. Still, sometimes it pays to do the best we can with whatever we have left.

At least I can show you how green it is out there, now that we are enjoying tropical heat and humidity.

And I can show you the domain of the liverwort garden. See that pot sheltered under the trees? Sort of Lost Kingdom, isn’t it?

And what do I learn from this? That even if my eyes get so bad I can’t find the controls, I can probably aim the little camera in the general direction of something I love and capture something of its essence. Then I can put it on my nice big desktop display and see what it was I took a picture of. That has possibilities. I’m still going to go buy a replacement. But I’m keeping the little camera, too. I believe it still has stories to tell.