Experimenting with something I can control

Posted on May 14, 2010


In so many ways it has been a Very Bad Day.  However, the main thing about being a grownup is that a person must soldier on.  Besides, there are people quite dear to me who have had a Much Worse Day, and it ill becomes me to whine.  Thus the comforting pastime of experimenting with settings on my beloved point ‘n’ shoot camera. 

I have discovered the Cloudy Day setting.  This is quite a find for a person who lives in northern Michigan, where we have an astonishing number of Cloudy Days.  I am pleased with these examples. Each was cropped, and resized for the blog, but not otherwise processed.

It is possible to distinguish Miss Sadie from the beach sand, and the Cowboy’s curly fur does not disappear in a blaze of white. Progress.

The green is bright without glaring. The pesky midge is, well, almost in focus.

The bright purple has not melted into a blob of too-bright glop. Veins are visible in the petals.

I found that the Cloudy Day setting was also useful inside the Township Hall, where the lighting has often defeated me.  Tonight, for example, I was able to take a photo of Lee Scott, chair of the Planning Commission, speaking to an audience of Township residents and taxpayers . . . plus a fellow who came all the way over here from Leelanau County to instruct us on the iniquities of our proposed zoning amendments. 

Not that this is a good photo, mind you, just that is is better than I usually manage at the Township Hall. There is probably a lesson here somewhere, but I am far too tired to grasp it.

Kathy Windiate, who was at the meeting in her capacity as Township Clerk, tells me that the scanner installation has been completed at the Eastport Market, and that it will be Quite an Experience making the transition, so I have that to look forward to.

Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I are going to bed with our dogeared copy of Sand County Almanac.  Tomorrow will be another day entirely.  It will feature–who was it said a change is as good as a rest?–tilting at medical insurance windmills and getting the Wilkinson Homestead Historical Society’s tax reporting requirements attended to.  I expect I may need to leave the camera on the Cloudy Day setting.