St. Photo and a question of exposure

Posted on May 12, 2010


One of the things I love best about living here is the way light plays across the landscape, caught in the woods, reflected by water, glimmering through waves. I almost never capture the image I want in a photo. I’d like to up my success rate to, say, one in 100.

As regular readers know, I am very fond of visiting Views Infinitum, the excellent photography blog by Scott Thomas.  I find it appropriate that his URL is, which is one of the reasons I think of him as St. Photo.  The other is that he is patient and helpful to duffers like myself, and welcomes all comers to visit and comment and generally display their varying levels of knowledge and, um, ignorance.  That last part would be me.  As a photographer, I’m a pretty decent writer.  I digress. 

Scott has issued another of his periodic assignments, and this one I must take to heart.  It begins, One of the first decisions a photographer makes before he takes a photograph is what exposure to use.   OK, this is gonna be good.  I need some help in this area.  He goes on, There is no wrong answer . . .  Oh bliss!  Oh joy! But wait, wait–he continues . . . as long as the photo is not over or underexposed.

OK, that is definitely one of my weaknesses. I’m gonna work on it. Scott does not leave me to my own devices, no indeed. He provides helpful links. He provides helpful advice. You can read all about it at Assignment 7: Creative exposure. And you, too, can participate. The deadline is midnight on May 26. As always, you may post your entries on Flickr, on your own blog, or even here if you like. Send me an email and I will cobble up a post for you.

As for me, I am going to experiment. I am going to learn. I am going to post my best efforts here for anyone who needs a good chuckle. I classified this post under “Artists of Antrim” because for once I am going to aspire to photographic artistry. I’m pretty sure I can find something around here to expose in a creative fashion. Look out world, Gerry’s on a tear.