Spring meanders

Posted on May 4, 2010


Come along with us for a little stroll. We’re convalescing and wish to be peaceful.

I forget what we were doing in Elk Rapids, which is a little worrying, but we stopped off at the Birch Lake rest area on our way home and made good use of the facilities. We don’t usually spend a lot of time in manicured parks, so they seem quite exotic to us. Not that this park is manicured in the sense of formal gardens and all that, but . . . OK, it’s mowed and pruned and many feet have trodden the soil into a compacted surface.

Very exotic to us. We are used to brambles and things to climb over and crawl under and get tangled up in. We are used to softer earth beneath our paws.

The poor Cowboy – I made him wear the lampshade collar for a couple of days, thinking it would keep him from chewing out his stitches. He’s such a forgiving little guy that he put up with it, but Miss Sadie thought it was a disgrace, and reminded me what happened to the last one of these instruments of torture to enter our household. I gave heed, and the collar has become a toy for Miss Puss.

I digress. I wanted to show you the morning’s crop of spring flowers: Forget-me-nots and Money plant.

I’m a big fan of the money plant’s coin-shaped seedpods, but the flowers . . . meh. Still, my spirits lift when I see them, because the more there are, the more likely I am to be able to harvest a nice bouquet of seedpods later. The forget-me-nots are just cheery little things that make me happy. I get blue ones and pink ones and white ones all mixed together, popping up in the yard wherever they take a mind to.

We took a quick turn on the beach. The access path is greening up nicely. The water was sparkling in the mid-afternoon sun, and I wanted to just sit and watch it. That’s what Mickey and Rogie were doing a quarter mile down the way, so we went to say hello. Then I headed off to the day job. We left Rogie watching the Bay. It was still there when I got home tonight.  You can trust a Golden Retriever to do a good job.