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Unexpected mercies

November 7, 2010


We did no chores, and have no guilt. Some days are meant for simple gratitude.

Spring meanders

May 4, 2010


Come along with us for a little stroll. We’re convalescing and wish to be peaceful. I forget what we were doing in Elk Rapids, which is a little worrying, but we stopped off at the Birch Lake rest area on our way home and made good use of the facilities. We don’t usually spend a […]

Things worth clicking on and a bit of irony

June 2, 2009


Just for fun, while I busy myself writing a couple of overdue stories. Photographer Ken Scott’s playful Planet: DH Day (originally printed on the Leelanau Enterprise Back Page 5-28-09).  “Toto, we’re not in Leelanau County anymore . . . “ Mrs. Uhdd’s extraordinary post on damselflies. Really, these photos are something special. And then this . . […]