I am an evil person who should have flying monkeys instead of fluffy spaniels

Posted on April 30, 2010


I have grievously injured the Cowboy. However, he has forgiven me.

Miss Sadie has not. 

It all began when we went to the mailbox for the paper, and the Cowboy found something unusually smelly and vile to roll in, even by his standards, and then, upon being scolded, figured might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb and went and rolled in the dry leaves and thistles and burrs in my wildlife corridor out front.  I do not have a picture of that. 

It was necessary to bathe him, but before he could even be bathed he had to be shorn.  Clip clip went the scissors.  I was making great headway, creating numerous piles of nestbuilding materials out on the deck.

However, I grew impatient, and went too fast, and the next thing you know, I had laid open the hide on the poor Cowboy’s leg, right on that part that would be a knee if he had knees.  Having recently done pretty much the same thing to myself, I knew perfectly well how much it hurt and I was beside myself with guilt.  Off to the vet we went, where the Cowboy was cosseted, anesthetized, and stitched up right smartly. I was sent off in disgrace while the Cowboy was in recovery. I half expected the vet to say “Maybe you’d like to shop for some flying monkeys or something?”

I took Miss Sadie for a walk around Bellaire in the ridiculous 80-degree heat.  We admired the Victorian houses, all very going-to-see-the-wizard.

We visited the nature trail behind the Senior Center. I took comfort from the cowslips that were growing along the creek, even though they, too, seemed a little Oz-like.

I got a splinter in my foot taking that picture.  Miss Sadie said that was simple justice.  I limped back to the vet’s office and forked over $300 of my hard-earned cash to retrieve the spaniel. He was glad to see me in spite of my evil ways, although it is possible that he was merely woozy from the drugs. This is the closest I am going to get to showing you his wound. It is all I can bear.

Every single thing that can bloom in the spring was in bloom during a two-hour period this afternoon, and my sinuses are screaming.  Miss Sadie says that is only proper, and that I should be glad I didn’t have to have stitches. She looks thoughtful. Stitches for me could still be arranged.

Thank goodness a thunderstorm is rolling across the Bay. We need rain badly, and if the barometric pressure does not change my head is going to explode. It is going to be a long week. Let’s look at the cowslips some more.