Katherine’s being cagey. Bet she found morels.

Posted on April 29, 2010


Katherine has been out and about, following her inclinations, which are reliable.  She found a small lake with bronze lily pads floating on it.  She sent us a picture of it, from “somewhere in Charlevoix County.”   The lily pads, she says, might be new this year or left over from last year.  “Have to go back to see if they get bigger,” she says innocently.  “Not quite sure where but I could find it again… only by following my nose.”  Annnnnd I suppose she might spend a little time nosing around in the woods near the lake, especially under the ash trees.  Maybe for just a little minute.

Uh huh. At this time of year usually gregarious Michiganians become taciturn to the point of surly. They sneak out of the neighborhood with net bags stuffed in their pockets and a gleam in their eyes. They say they are running errands, shopping for socks, rotating the tires, yawwwwn.  They are looking for morels in secret places.

OK, we are looking for morels, but I never find any unless I’m with someone else who knows what they’re doing. Or with architects. Architects see the world differently from you and me. 

So, Katherine . . . nice lake. Where exactly is that lake, hmm?

Meanwhile I have it on reliable authority that an Antrim County industrial site is full of the succulent little fungi. I have my net bags and my gleam. I’m sneaking out of the house at dawn. I’ll let you know how I do.