Medical clinic at Torch Lake

Posted on April 19, 2010


Babs has discovered that a Dr. T. Lake has a clinic right here in Torch Central Lake Township. She writes: The Doctor has remedies for nerve, brain, cholera, flushes, hysteria, worms, blood, female, windness: weak and timid made strong. This clinic is located near the north end of Torch Lake on the west east side.  I’m not sure when the Doctor will be in next.

This is a wonderful discovery, as I’m sure that Dr. Lake could use the able assistance of Beth Toner, who will be finishing her R.N. any day now. I must say the waiting room looks as if it could use a good fluffing up. Perhaps Dr. Lake could also use an, er, exterior decorator.

I’m sure it’s good news to Norton Bretz and Sonny Szejbach, as both are recovering from sore paws and would probably prefer not to have to go all the way to Traverse City for followup treatments. Sonny, of course, slipped on the ice outside his house and broke his ankle the night his new grandchild was born. Norton managed to fracture his wrist falling on the ice in Hong Kong. This is not so easy to do, but our Norton was up to the task. It’s a long story. You’d better ask him about it. But it also had to do with grandchildren. Apparently they are more dangerous than I had realized.

Now before anyone gets all exercized and hares off to consult with Zoning Administrator Bill Briggs about whether Dr. Lake’s clinic is properly permitted, I should mention that from the looks of it the use is clearly grandfathered.  [Update: Now that we know that the clinic is not, in fact, in Torch Lake Township but over in Central Lake Township—see Babs’s comment below—alarmists can stand down.  I’m leaving the paragraph in anyway.  I like giving Google something interesting to find when people search for Bill Briggs.]