Togs for your toes, with a tickle from Babs

Posted on April 18, 2010


Sue Swain works in a tiny shoemaking studio in Central Lake Township, tap-tapping away on custom made sandals and boots. All summer she travels to art fairs and festivals; all winter she works on the orders. Some of her customers need special orthotics. Others are looking for an unusual design, or for the freedom to choose their own colors and fittings. Still others simply want something handmade with care. They find it at ToeTogs.

Cinderella boots

Who says boots have to be boring? Who says sandals can’t express personality?

Cinderella Sandals

It’s a good life, making shoes by hand. It feels right, like work worth doing. Peaceful.
A good place to work

Some of you may be saying Waaait a minute–didn’t I read this post already? Um, yes, in draft, at the Torch Lake Trails experiment. I granted myself a license to re-use the material here. Besides, Babs sent me some extra photos to post with it and I thought you’d like to see them: