One fine day

Posted on April 16, 2010


Sometimes a day goes so right that you can’t imagine how it happened.   Certainly a day that begins as Tax Day does not have a whole lot going for it.  Add to that the imperative to renew license tabs, and generate reports at the day job, and appear bright-eyed and ready for duty at the other day job, and take the Disreputable Duo for a decent walk, and, well, pretty soon it looks like a day with a lot of rules and not much scope for fun.  Ha. 

First of all, I did manage to get the returns in the mail on time, and have photographic evidence of my upstanding character.  Rick, who is in charge of the mail around here, applied the postmarks, blam blam blam, and Katherine was witness.

Then off to the Charlevoix Secretary of State office, where a nice clerk issued my license tabs right smartly.  I consulted her about where I might treat myself to a nice lunch as a reward for finally doing my jobs.  A nice but not extravagant lunch.  She thought a moment.  I could tell that she was turning over something in her mind.  She must have decided in my favor, because she directed me to Andy’s, an out-of-the-way place that was a revelation.

The parking lot was full of trucks with tools in the beds and ladders on the roofracks.  Inside there were crowds of people wearing hospital scrubs and delivery service uniforms and other insignia of people who work for a living.  They were clearly regulars, which turned out to be evidence of their good taste and wisdom.  The food is outstanding, the prices reasonable, and the service unbelievable.  I was back in the car within ten minutes bearing my prize: an enormous freshly-made roast beef sandwich with horseradish white cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato on a seeded rye bread, a packet of chips, a pickle, a bottle of Stewart’s Root Beer, and an utterly decadent cinnamon roll with butter icing and toasted almonds on top. 

This was easily enough food for three people, or one spaniel, so I carefully deposited the container in the trunk.  We had another stop to make, at the Harsha House museum, where I found some helpful guidance in pursuing my research obsessions, about which more in another post. 

Then off to the park at the Charlevoix lighthouse, where the views are fine.  People were rock-hunting on the beach, walking their dogs–just wandering around in the sun, dazzled by the unexpected summer day plopped down in the middle of April.  It was a wonderful spot for a picnic.  I ate half the enormous sandwich, sharing bits of roast beef with the Duo, and merely sampling the cinnamon roll.

As we left the park, I stopped to photograph this magnolia in full bloom.  It’s a bonus that it grows in front of one of Earl Young’s mushroom houses.   Someday I will have to do a whole post about those.  Mrs. Uhdd will swoon.

On the way to Charlevoix I had noticed apricot trees in bloom just south of Royal Farms.  On the way home I stopped for a Photo Opportunity. Buzzing bees, enchanting blossoms, very peaceful. Suddenlly it occurred to me that I had left the remains of the picnic in the front seat. What was I thinking? I dashed back to the car, but it was too late. No roast beef for my lunch today. And no treats for Miss Sadie and the Cowboy for the rest of the week.

Ah well.  That was yesterday, today is another kettle of fish altogether.  It seems we may get another little dusting of s@#! in the next day or so.  I don’t wish to discuss it.