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And now your Agricultural Report from Babs Young

June 5, 2014


Babs Young has been out and about in the Township paying attention to growing things.  She found strong evidence that there will be excellent–and local–treats for us to eat this summer. Earlier in the spring, you will recall, that was by no means a sure thing.  On May Day the orchard was bare.  Babs wrote: […]

Stubborn optimism

March 29, 2012


Yesterday John King posted Weather Challenges, another of his informative musings on orchardry in Antrim County. Are they out of the woods over at King's? Nope. Is there reason for hope? Of course. (I believe the Antrim County Farmer's motto is I farm, therefore I hope.)

One fine day

April 16, 2010


Sometimes a day goes so right that you can’t imagine how it happened.   Certainly a day that begins as Tax Day does not have a whole lot going for it.  Add to that the imperative to renew license tabs, and generate reports at the day job, and appear bright-eyed and ready for duty at the […]