Delights of early spring

Posted on March 31, 2010


It has warmed up considerably in the last couple of days, and everyone is a little giddy.  The Easter lilies at the Eastport Market, tightly closed buds last week, were wide open and fragrant tonight. 

When we closed up at 9:00 we could hear the peepers in the wetlands to the west.  Half an hour later Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I were serenaded by yipping coyotes as we made our way along the road for our evening constitutional.  I was busy thinking about the coyotes and wondering just exactly where they were. 

The Cowboy was untroubled by these matters.  He knew where the coyotes were and he did not care.  He had other fish to fry.  He could smell some discarded chicken bones.  By the time I heard the crunching and turned the flashlight on him, he had a death grip on a mouthful.  It took me an unpleasant amount of time and effort to extract the mess from his jaws.  Bad dog.  He is utterly unremorseful.

I am left to wonder exactly where he found the bones, and who left them there.  A mystery to be pursued in daylight.

Besides the peepers and the coyotes we could hear the waves crashing down on the beach.  Crashing waves are not the norm for a warm night.  However, we did not go down to explore in the dark.  Instead, we went back home to a late supper and promised ourselves a nice long morning walk along whatever the beach may look like at dawn.  You are invited to accompany us.

Just one more thing.  In this morning’s Record-Eagle Meijer was trumpeting its price advantage over Walmart on a selected list of items, including asparagus ($1.69 per pound) and strawberries ($2.00 per pound).  I am inordinately fond of asparagus and strawberries, even when I must compromise and buy them from Away, and it’s always good to find a bargain.  It’s even better to find a better bargain right at our little Eastport Market, where the price for asparagus this week is $1.49 per pound, and the price for strawberries the same $2.00 per pound that the big guys are charging.  I find this positively exhilarating.  On that note, good night.

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