Mississippi paddlefish in the caviar jars! Is there no end to the disasters?

Posted on March 30, 2010


The Washington Post informs me that sophisticated foodies have been flim-flammed with respect to their caviar and their sheep’s milk cheese.  Turns out they have been eating the eggs of Mississippi paddlefish and the milk of cows, while paying for the more expensive alternatives.  OK, so the first question that comes leaping to mind is If you cannot tell the difference, why would you spend the money on the more expensive stuff even if it is the real thing? 

Personally, we like to eat a fair proportion of our food from places we have inspected personally.  This does not work for bananas and coffee, of course, but it’s a pretty good bet for milk and eggs and beef and apples and spinach and potatoes and garlic and honey and maple syrup and cherries and peaches and . . .  you get the idea.  So if you’re worried about the paddlefish eggs and the fake sheep’s milk, this might be a very good time for you to think about joining your local CSA.  If you live around here, that would be Providence Farm, up on M-88 east of Farrell Road.  It is time to register right now.  I have uploaded a copy of the Providence Farm 2010 registration form for you, and you can read Andrea Romeyn’s March 2010 newsletter here

See, this is what I like about living in Antrim County.  We’re in charge of the food.  OK, I suspect that no one has milked a sheep here in living memory, other than a lamb, of course, as is proper.  On the other hand, you are absolutely gah-ron-teed not to meet any Mississippi paddlefish, either, and isn’t that a good thing.

You might also like to get personally acquainted with the cattle at Mark White’s and the McAuliffs’, and you will if you keep reading Torch Lake Views.  You’ll hear about the farm markets all through the season, too, but you could also pick up the new edition of Taste the Local Difference, or check it out online.  I did check it out online, and I find that the 2010 edition is not there yet, but I have faith.  Soon, soon it will be there.  And at the moment, you can peruse the wonders of the 2009 edition.