Blue Pelicans all over the place

Posted on February 18, 2010


So there I was minding my own business—well, Russ and Donna’s business actually—at the Eastport Market when Chris Corbett came in bearing a brown paper sack. Inside was a bottle of the private label riesling that Black Star Farms is bottling for the Blue Pelican, the restaurant and inn that Chris and his wife Merrie own in Central Lake.  (For me??  Well, no.  For Russ and Donna.  Nuts.)

I thought I had a wonderful scoop for you, but it turns out the wine is already on the shelves all over Central Lake. Clearly I have not been getting out enough. Anyway, Chris says the Pelican has also commissioned private label bottlings of three of its dressings and the secret BBQ sauce that it uses on its pulled pork. It occurs to me that all the energy spent on reverse-engineering software might better be invested in reverse-engineering the secret recipe for the Pelican’s BBQ sauce. I digress.

Chris Corbett is a man with a plan. Many plans. In addition to marketing the excellent treats that now bear Blue Pelican labels, he will donate cases of bottled water, likewise labeled, to local schools for sale as fundraisers. There is no end to the ingenuity around here.  Or the pelicans.