Sadie takes top prize at Westminster, and a reminder from the Cowboy

Posted on February 17, 2010


OK, so it was a different Sadie and a Scottie to boot, but Miss Sadie is basking in reflected glory anyway. It was, after all, a dog named Sadie that took Best in Show at the prestigious competition, and Scotties are, like Miss Sadie, a variety of terrier. Miss Sadie is, perhaps, a greater variety than most. So all in all she is swanning about the Writing Studio and Bait Shop with her muzzle in the air.

The Cowboy feels that a grave injustice has been done, and that there is altogether too much attention paid to terriers, but he has other fish to fry. He wishes to remind you that it is time to renew your dog’s license. You may do so over at the Township offices. Bring proof of current immunizations and pay up, choosing either the annual or the three-year license. If you don’t get the job done by March 1, you will have to deal with Antrim County.

License fees defray the cost of the county’s Animal Control effort and the associated shelter over in Bellaire. Both Miss Sadie and the Cowboy have been incarcerated there, and both are extremely happy to have been paroled to suburban Eastport. This is one time when you can do the right thing and a good thing all at once.