A little snack to hold you

Posted on January 27, 2010


No time for much of a post tonight. However.

You will remember that Rob the Firefighter and the Lady Alicia and Susan, my co-Mother-out-law, came to visit recently. They forgot their key, and I was not at home when they arrived. OK, there are only so many places I can hide around here. Off to the market they went.

RTF: Is my mom here?
Olivia: Not yet. She’s scheduled to start at 3:00.
RTF, observing that it was after 2:30, looked hopeful and asked: Does she usually get here a little early?
When Olivia stopped laughing she repeated the conversation to Kathy and Angela and a couple of customers heard and pretty soon all of Torch Lake Township was convulsed with laughter.
So, said RTF, quick on the uptake as always, maybe I should just go over to her house and wait there. When she gets here, could you ask her to call me so I can come get the key? Everyone nodded helplessly, still unable to speak.
He left.

A couple minutes later Mary Sallee, who had been standing in line wiping her eyes with everyone else, thought, Wait, wait, I have a key. So she drove by the house to let everyone in. By then I was there, dashing around trying to get ready to go to work, so I took a commemorative picture.

You can’t beat a small town for the Triple Play. Regular humiliation, followed by practical assistance, with the occasional grace note. Tonight when I got home from the day job I found a bag of chocolate chip cookies on my door. Looky here:

Well, there were more cookies, but I was hungry. Now I’m off to the broadband meeting with Babs. More later.