No ice on Torch Lake, but feast your eyes on the winter sunshine

Posted on January 8, 2010


I’ve told you quite a lot lately about Winter and its gray flannel dress suit.  Today a little sunshine splashed in the front windows.  In the interest of balanced reporting, I left the housecleaning behind and trotted out into the day. 

We parked at the DNR access at the north end of Torch Lake and walked down to the shore. No ice as far as we could see . . . which is miles and miles from this spot.

The sun shone on the snow in the little wooded patch next to the boat ramp. Nice, bright sun, too. You’d think it might melt the snow, but you’d be wrong, because it was still very cold out there.

At the edge of the little park there’s a cattail swamp, and in the cattail swamp scrubby trees poke up into the sky. At the tops of the trees the crows station themselves, self-appointed sentinels of the neighborhood. This one called that blue right into the sky. Crows can be very persuasive.

Beyond that, on slightly higher, drier ground, a white birch gleams. It’s an extraordinarily cheering sight on a winter day.

Up on M-88 the Baptist Church sign advertises the upcoming Sportsmen’s Banquet. I rather liked last week’s sign, God permits U-turns, but on a day like this, when Mama Nature has laid out her own feast for all of us who love the outdoors, I’m in no mood to quibble. A couple of bouncy dogs, a down coat, warm wool socks and sunshine, beautiful sunshine. With those I can make it through winter just fine.